When I posted about my new office upstairs last week, I got tons of questions.

The most common one?

What are you doing with your office downstairs?

This office. You know. The one with the drop cloth curtains and my favorite new rug and the brown tufted chairs that always looks this clean and spotless.

Ummm. Nope. Not even close.

It still looks like this (kind of) except it’s been transformed into a guest room for my son who has had remote classes from college here.

I’ve adjusted to the office takeover by working in the dining room and working in the kitchen and then finally transforming the space upstairs into a place where I’ve landed for now.

And along my office journey (and with all the offices I’ve had before) I’ve picked up a few organizing tips along the way and I’m sharing them today as part of the organizing series with my friend Leslie.

Here are my top 12 organizing tips for the office.

1. Framed pegboard organization

This is such a simple project for an office space.

All you need is a pegboard cut to size and a vintage frame.

You can see the entire office organization project here.

2. Built-in filing cabinets

This was the best use of space under the stairs at the farmhouse.

We took two filing cabinets and built them into the space with a file organizer in between.

You could also create a desk like this with a simple wood top on top of two filing cabinets.

3. Clip-on vintage letters

I organized these baskets with vintage marquee letters.

I clipped them onto the front of the basket with clothespins.

You could clip on the first letter of a basket contents for each container.

4. DIY clock file organizers

I made these for the file folders in my office.

I block out my time for each hour of the day. Adding these clips to my files is a great way to remind yourself what you have to do for each hour.

You can see the DIY here.

5. Spinning tray

I found this tray at a home store years ago. I love it because it has different compartments that I use to store erasers and pushpins and sticky notes.

And the best part?

It spins around which makes it easier to reach all the supplies.

6. Pencil and pen organizer

I bought this piece several years ago at Target.

It has deep compartments and it’s so cute.

There’s one compartment for pens, one for pencils and one for scissors.

(And yes—that is the same spinning organizer that I spray painted silver).

7. Vintage toolbox organizer

In the center of my office upstairs, I added a vintage toolbox that I found at a vintage sale.

There’s a compartment on one side that I added craft supplies to and on the other side, I added these little lidded boxes and a container for scissors.

These boxes hold tape and clips and other office supplies I need for the space.

8. Vintage mailbox organizer

We are actually in the middle of making this into a side table.

But looking at this? It got me thinking.

It would make a perfect office organizer, too.

You can read the entire story of this mailbox here.

9. Stacking boxes as organizers

I know this seems like hello Captain Obvious organizing.

But it’s easy to overlook the power of a box.

They stack.

They look cute.

They hold a TON of stuff out of sight and keep a desk clean.

10. Pegboard box

This is a box we made to organize gift wrap.

But I think it might be perfect for a traveling office.

You can see the entire DIY here.

11. Filing cabinet

A filing cabinet doesn’t have to be boring.

Take this project for example. I found a filing cabinet at a thrift store and gave it a makeover.

You can see the entire project here.

12. DIY locker organizer

I saved my favorite organizing project for last.

You will never believe what these lockers started out life as.

I’ll give you a hint.

It didn’t have doors.

See the before and after here.


That was a lot of organizing.

I hope you found a little inspiration to make work a little more fun.


I just add coffee.

And now?

For more office and craft room organizing tips, be sure and stop by my friend Leslie’s.

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