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If you have never met Zack before, let me start with introductions.

He’s my adventurer, my dinosaur lover, my athlete, my rock climber, my baseball player and the dodgeball champion of 12th grade.

Zack grabbed life by the tail with his first step in his light-up tennis shoes and T-rex hat and never looked back.

He saved a salamander when he was six and a kitten when he was eight and never met a stray he didn’t understand or try to save.

He is fearless.

And strong.

And plans on saving the world one day.

But my favorite thing about him? Under that fearless, tough exterior?

He has the softest heart you’ve ever met.

If you have been following along with the blog, when you first met Zack, he looked something like this.

And now?

He is in college.

And moving into his first house next month.

I know, right?

If I squint, I can still see the dinosaur hat.

With a first house comes big responsibilities.

So, we’ve been shopping and getting ready for this upcoming college year.

Do you have any idea how many things you need for a house?

It’s a little overwhelming.

That’s why I was so excited to be partnering with The Home Depot to shop for Zack’s new home. They have such a great online selection that makes shopping so easy!


I want to show you all the fun stuff I ordered for the house and here’s where it all started.

With a couple of clicks, it’s easiest shopping ever. They have free delivery on select orders over $45 and you can also make returns online and in the stores. It was fun shopping with Zack and planning for his first house (even though I had to remind him he needed a few basics that he was sure he wouldn’t need).

Want to see what Zack picked out?

Please act surprised that he started with a refrigerator.

This is seriously an amazing deal and I wasn’t worried about purchasing online because I know The Home Depot backs everything with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

It’s a 4.5 cu.ft. mini-fridge with two doors and tons of space for drinks and snacks. He was so excited because he could keep it in his own room. I’m sure this will help him study better.

We also made sure there were tons of towels and new sheets for the bed.

This is a StyleWell twin sheet set in faded gingham and the towels are oatmeal colored and are an incredible value.

It’s a StyleWell 18-piece hygrocotton set with hand towels and wash cloths.

Quick tip: if you are sending your son off to his first home—steer clear of white towels. They’ll never make it.

Next up are these super soft and comfortable pillows from StyleWell.

We ordered them oversized so he could line the edges of his twin bed and create a couch.

You know.

For all that studying he’s going to be doing.

For storage and flexibility, we found these round galvanized metal baskets with a wood top.

They come in a set of two and are perfect for storing extra linens or books or notes or sports equipment and lightweight enough that he will be able to move them around the room if he needs a small table for drinks or his computer.

They are super sturdy and each basket has metal and wood handles.

To maximize vertical storage in his room, we found two different options that look perfect for a college boy’s room and made both of us happy.

First, the StyleWell pipe shelf with wood shelving.

And then?

This smaller shelf that will work in the bathroom to hold washcloths, supplies and other toiletries.

I love the modern farmhouse look of both shelves.

To fill up the rest of the walls in the space, we found this set of StyleWell seven picture frames.

There’s one large frame and two medium frames and four smaller frames.

The frames are a light wood and very minimalist. He can fill them with friends and events and college memories.

Over the desk area, this StyleWell galvanized metal organizer will work perfectly.

It has two bins—one large and one small that you can move to different places on the grid.

Also, there are hooks at the bottom for keys and other office supplies.

Lastly, we found this StyleWell mirror.

Every room needs a mirror and it’s the perfect fit for his room.

The perfect combination of rustic style and classic details.

It’s a family affair getting Zack ready to head to his first house. I’m so happy with everything that we chose. The selection and brands that are available on the online website and in stores made shopping easy. And thanks to The Home Depot and the incredible delivery service everything showed up way ahead of schedule. As we continue to purchase items for his new home, we definitely have our eye on this StyleWell upholstered bed and this console table!

All the boxes came to the house and we all worked together and unpacked them and got everything ready for the big move.

Which takes place in two weeks, 5 days, 7 minutes and 45 seconds.

But who’s counting?


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