The best most affordable hand soap, leave-in conditioner and glitter eyeshadow

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Updates from Hecate: I got these silicone food covers a while back and they are one of my favorite kitchen items. This combo pack fits everything I need them to. I did put my thumb nail through one, though, so they do require some TLC (or maybe I’m just too aggressive when I clean up at night). I am also very happy with my Fur-Zoff pet hair remover stone. It does a better job getting my dogs’ fur off my furniture than my vacuum and it reinvigorates the pile of my velvet pieces when I use it. My couch looks amazing when I’m done. The only downside is it takes much longer than a vacuum. I use my Legend Planner every day. I’m only halfway through it but because you write the dates in yourself, I’m going to order another one just in case to make sure it’s not discontinued or sold out when I need it. Lastly, I got the temporary tattoo pens and they are fun, but they don’t last at all. Not even a full day. So they would be fun for a party, but not if you expect something to stick around a couple of days. The colors are really pretty though. My kids keep drawing eyebrows on the dogs with them.

A small rice cooker for portion control

From Hecate: I’ve been entertaining the idea of a rice cooker for a long time. My Instant Pot has a rice maker function but just between us, I’m still scared of my Instant Pot so I make my rice in a pot on the stove with a lid that doesn’t fit it. But I am intrigued by the idea of this small Dash model that makes up to two cups. I have the mini Dash waffle maker and I love it so I am convinced I work better in small batches. Plus I never need as much rice as I make. This little guy comes in five colors, each for about $20, and got 4.5 stars from over 15,500 reviews that ReviewMeta adjusted to 4.1 stars. You can make rice, soup, quinoa and pasta in it. Most of the reviewers talked about the consistent quality of the cooked rice, which is something I need. Plus it cleans up easily, “I wondered if the warming feature that takes over after cooking is done would make the rice over cook, but I’ve gotten perfect sticky rice the way I like it every time. The rice cooker takes up very little room, cleans up easy and is so much easier than stove cooking.” “The rice tastes perfect and it’s super easy to clean. Great for cooking rice for a family of 3.” If you lose track of time, this little guy has your back, “I used to avoid making rice because it was a hassle, requiring vigilance, timing and temperature control, not to mention the cleanup of the sticky mess left behind. This cute little non-stick gizmo makes PERFECT rice while you IGNORE it, sometimes for hours.” One thing, you do have to unplug it to turn it off, it doesn’t have an auto-off. Bonus, it comes with a recipe book.

An over the door organizer for at-hand bathroom storage

From Hecate: I saw this small over the door rack on Buzzfeed this weekend and thought it was a great way to maximize bathroom space. It fits over the cupboard door and holds three styling appliances like hair dryers, flatners, curlers or hot brushes with a little extra space for clips and accessories. It’s a nice looking piece, with eight different finishes so it’ll match most decor. In the photos, one customer took the arms off and screwed it directly to the wall and it looked really nice as well. It’s usually $25 but is currently on sale for $19. Customers gave it 4.5 stars with over 2,600 reviews and Fakespot gave it an A. Customers were happy with how much it held. “It fits my hair dryer, curling wand, and straightener perfectly with extra space at the bottom I imagine will easily hold any attachments you might have. I am very pleased with the versatility and functionality of this, and it looks great too.” “Before all my items were in a drawer and the cords were a pain, but with this metal basket it minimized clutter, kept things organized and separate, and it also looks nice.” They also said it’s adjustable so you don’t have to worry about it working with your cabinets.

A cute cotton swab holder to display on your counter

From Hecate: I saw this over the weekend and thought it was so cute, I bought one for myself and my friend. I’m constantly trying to find ways to “clean up” my bathroom counter. This little holder has a lotus blossom available in four different colors on top. I think it’s pretty. I got the green version to match my counters. Plus it comes with a clear dome to keep the swabs clean. The description says you can also store toothpicks in it. It earned 4.6 stars with 717 reviews and Fakespot gave it an A. One customer said it holds a lot plus it’s adjustable, “Holds a good amount of Q-tips. You can remove some of the petals to adjust the amount of Q-tips you want to have in it.” Another confirmed it freed up her counter space, “I’ve been using for about 1 month now and so far it’s awesome! Definitely saved me a lot of space on my tiny sink.” Most of the other reviews talked about how cute it is and how sturdy. Just one note, it comes unassembled in three pieces but is said to be easy to put together.

Long lasting liquid glitter eyeshadow will get noticed

From CB: This glitter liquid eyeshadow by trusted brand Stila comes in 12 different colors. It’s sparkly, long lasting, and would be a great way to celebrate. (You can tell I’m trying to come up with an excuse for buying it, right?) Women say these shadows are long lasting, quick drying, highly blendable and don’t have much fallout. These have >over 1,500 ratings, 4.6 stars and a B on Fakespot. Women call it the “best glitter eyeshadow on the market. Very pretty and awesome for a night out or a date.” “This product is amazing. It does not move once you put it on. This is great for those with hooded eyes, where your crease is closer to your lash line.”

A plant-derived tub and tile cleaner that actually works

From CB: This tea tree oil and eucalyptus cleaner by BetterLife cleans soap scum, mildew and the gunk that can build up in your tub and shower. It has over 10,500 ratings, 4.3 stars and a C on Fakespot. People say it really works to clean tubs quickly and effectively. “This literally took out and washed away soooo much black and grey mildew off my tubs…. I am truly amazed.” “When we moved into our house, the fiberglass shower was stained after years of hard water and grime. To the point none of us wanted to use it. On a whim (because I like this line of products so much) I decided to try the tub and tile cleaner. I’m so glad I did. My shower is totally spotless and the stains were gone after soaking it overnight.”

A gentle leave-in conditioning spray for silky soft hair

From CB: Farewell Frizz milk conditioning spray by Black-owned business Briogeo is made for all hair types. It’s vegan and cruelty free with essential oils including argan oil, coconut oil and rosehip. It has over 1,700 ratings, 4.6 stars and a B on Fakespot. Women say that it smells great and leaves their hair silky soft without weighing it down. It works for both fine and curly hair. “We’ve tried tons of other products claiming to tame frizz, none worked well or if they did it was only for a short time. This one works ALL day, smells amazing and leaves [my daughter’s] hair soft and silky even with her curls.” “Smells great, makes brushing my hair easier, leaves my hair feeling soft, definitely has helped with the frizz and my hair overall looks more shiny.”

A set of six Soft Soap pump hand soaps for under $6

From CB: You can get six Softsoap hand soap pumps for under $6. The versions which are at this price point are milk and golden honey, aloe vera, aquarium/clear and fresh breeze. We use the milk and golden honey, clear and aloe versions in my house. I know there are fancier hand soaps but I like how gentle the formula is on your hands and how subtle and nice the scents are. There is a coupon but it’s only for subscribe and save so don’t check that unless you want that option. There are some bad reviews from when these were price gouged but they’re back to the price you can find in stores now. You can also get the refills, but you have to order six at a time. I just get the refills at the store.

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