Our Team’s Favorite Thrift Store Finds & Products to Always Shop

Let’s get thrifty!

We love a good deal, and you can find a treasure trove of savings when you shop at thrift stores. Check out the round up of awesome thrift store finds our team loves to shop for when they’re sifting through secondhand goods.
Designer clothes & accessories

Notice those labels? You can find designer products for an insane fraction of the cost compared to buying from a department store or the designer directly.

It’s a great way to try out trends and more eclectic styles so you don’t spend a fortune on something designer only to have it go out of fashion the next year.

It’s not just for accessories either! We’ve spotted incredible deals on designer apparel as well. These Pilcro jeans sell for over $100 on Anthropologie. And even though they’re no longer carried, the resale value on sites like Poshmark is still a whopping 10 times the thrift store price!

Same with this pair from J Brand—would you rather spend roughly $200 on a new pair of jeans or only $7 on gently used from the thrift store?

Check out this thrift store jeans shopping tip from Michelle:

“I was so excited when I spotted a pair of Citizens of Humanity jeans at Goodwill for $9.99 (plus an extra 50% off!). These are $200 jeans for $5!

Unfortunately, when I got them home they didn’t fit and I realized that they had European sizing and even though they were marked size 14, they fit closer to a size 4. Lesson learned.

Don’t trust the sizing tags at Goodwill. Look inside the item for the correct size and if it’s unusual sizing, look it up online while you are standing in the store.”

Thrift stores could easily pass for furniture showrooms with the vast amount of tables, dressers, couches, and chairs available. Whether you love vintage pieces or need a subject for a DIY project, you can score some hefty savings by thrifting!

Our team member Tiffany found this gorgeous solid wood table while shopping secondhand to have on display in her living room.

Her friends took their thrift store furniture game to the next level by refinishing a full dining set by coating the pieces with fresh paint and reupholstered seats.

Another fun furniture piece to look for are headboards. They’re a simple way to jazz up a bedroom and can cost as little as $15! Again, you can either embrace a funky style or refinish to your current home decor, and you’ll save big either way.

Sorry Pottery Barn, but we’re skipping the expensive retail price and snagging our favorite homewares for much, much less!

“I head straight to housewares in any thrift store for any unique bowls or serving platters, etc. I have found vintage wares and polish pottery for cheap! I love collecting those unique items for my home and for food photography.” – Lina

Lina is the queen of styling so take it from her when she says thrift store decor is where it’s at!

“I also have a bit of a white milk glass obsession and have found many pieces while thrifting!” – Lina

Another fun find? Woven baskets! These home decor essentials can get very pricey at stores like Pottery Barn and West Elm. When searching for baskets at the thrift store, you can curate an assortment of unique bins.

Tiffany at Hip2Save took advantage of the wide variety available at her local thrift store to create the coolest wall art!

Attention bookworms—if you aren’t shopping thrift store shelves for books, you’re missing out on 49¢ paperbacks and hardcovers! Why pay retail when you can get a gently used version for less? You’ll find a massive selection with everything from self-help to romance to gripping novels you simply can’t put down.

Our girl Tiffany loves getting books from secondhand stores and has scored popular titles for only a couple quarters!

If you host a lot, you can keep your cupboards stocked with a fun dishware collection of platters and serving trays. Even if you don’t host, anytime you bring a dish to pass out at an event, consider using a thrift store plate so you don’t feel bad if it’s left behind.
“I love to buy party size serving platters, my family is always hosting Pot Luck events, so they’re put to use very often.” – Alyssa
“I have a bit of an obsession for buying plates from thrift stores. I photograph food in my free time, so my plate collecting isn’t too weird of a hobby!” – Jenna P

For mug hoarders (like me!), there are loads of unique coffee cups available secondhand. I’d bring them all home if my boyfriend let me so I could have a fun cup each morning, though my collection is already overflowing.
It probably goes without saying but give any and all dishware a good washing before use!
Tips for saving double at the thrift store.
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