Looking for the best apartment organization ideas? Here are 23 ways to organize your bedroom, bathroom, living room, and kitchen!


Moving into an apartment is so exciting and feels like a major step up from your college apartment or parent's house . I remember moving into my first apartment thinking I was going to have a ton of extra space since it was just me... but no. You are going to want to utilize every last inch of space in your apartment to store all your (amazing) crap without it looking messy.

When I first moved into my apartment the biggest challenge was understanding that not every room can be organized the same way. I had no idea, and let me to you, it's very different organizing your kitchen compared to your bedroom! Lucky for you, the organization process will be a breeze if you follow these apartment organization ideas.

If you're looking for storage solutions or functional decor, I have it all covered! Your apartment will be next level with these products that are all from amazon (I know, amazing, right?). 
This post is all about apartment organization ideas. BEST APARTMENT ORGANIZATION IDEAS: TABLE OF CONTENTS: KITCHEN ORGANIZATION IDEAS BATHROOM ORGANIZATION IDEAS LIVING ROOM ORGANIZATION IDEAS BEDROOM ORGANIZATION IDEAS KITCHEN ORGANIZATION IDEAS 1. Pantry Organization is a must.  As you may know, I recently organized my pantry and I could not be more obsessed. I'm here for all of the organization bins and baskets. I haven't seen this can organizer before, but I might just need it!! 
Also, don't forget labels when organizing your pantry!! They make everything better ;). 
2. Get some spice racks  Having your spices organized literally makes you feel like a whole new person. You can get the glass jars and re-bottle your spices and then put them on this cute copper spice rack in your cabinet! 
3. Keep it clean under the sink Under the sink is probably one of the most neglected areas in an apartment! Just get four tubs and put your cleaning products in there and you will instantly be more organized. 
If you want to get super fancy you can add the clear turntables I linked below! 
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CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PRINTABLE! 4. Clear turntables everywhere  These clear turntables can go EVERYWHERE. I have them in cabinets, under my sink, in my pantry, literally everywhere. 
Do yourself a favor and get a couple of these. Trust me, they will come in handy! 
5. Get drawer organizers for silverware & utensils You know I already have all of my kitchen drawers organized, but now I want to buy these silverware organizers!! They are made to save space and not take up the whole drawer. Genius.
6. Keep your pots & pans organized  Okay, this is my biggest pet peeve. I hate going to get out a pan and having to rummage through a huge mess of pans. This pot organizer is SOO nice. 
Make sure you measure your cabinet space, if you have room, GET this!! 
BATHROOM ORGANIZATION IDEAS 7. Clear acrylic drawers in cabinets Bathroom organization may just be my favorite. I love putting the pretty beauty products in their own little space and having my cabinets look like a store don't judge me. 
Anyways, these clear acrylic drawers are so nice to put in cabinets because you can see what's inside of them. And of course they will match the clear turntables that you can 100% use in your bathroom too. 
8. Over-the-toilet organizer When I said utilize every inch of space, I meant it. While these shelves may not be the cutest things ever, they are super convenient and who said you couldn't put cute decorations on them? 
Stack some towels, leave some extra toilet paper, throw a fake plant up there and you're good to go! 
9. Three-tier bathroom rolling cart  We all know the classic 3 tier cart, but this one is extra narrow and made for bathroom organization!! This is perfect for people with really limited cabinet space. 
I could see making this really cute with some nice bath products on the top, some towels, and an organizer at the bottom for all of your hot tools and hair products. 
10. Hair tools organizer Nothing is worse than leaving all of your hot tools all over the place and coming home to your bathroom looking like a tornado went through. This organizer is so nice because you can stick your piping hot curling iron inside and it will be perfectly fine. 
11. Suction shower shelves Most apartments don't have amazing custom shower shelving so these suction shelves are perfect for your apartment shower. 
12. Toilet paper basket  There is absolutely nothing worse than being out of toilet paper at someone else's house. Make sure your guests don't have to awkwardly ask you for toilet paper and get keep this basket stocked on top of your toilet! 
It's also a cute texture to add to the space, I could imagine also sticking a reed diffuser in there to keep the bathroom smelling fresh! 
LIVING ROOM ORGANIZATION IDEAS 13. Put baskets in a bookshelf for cute, functional organization A bookshelf is essential for decorating because it can be functional and cute. Some shelves can have baskets with all of your crap shoved in them and some shelves can have cute picture frames and Target Studio McGee decor (you know my favorite). 
14. Get a coffee table with storage  If you need extra storage, this is a really good option!! You can stick all of your board games, books, or extra decor in there and still keep it cute with some trendy baskets. 
15. Keep all of your blankets together in a blanket basket Blanket baskets are so nice because all of your blankets are in one place and if you have guests they know where to get a blanket!! 
You can always stick all the old, ugly ones in the bottom and fluff up your cute ones on the top . 
16. Get a standing accent cabinet for your entryway How pretty is this accent cabinet?? You would never know it was from Amazon! 
If you ever have an opportunity for more storage, take it! This cabinet would be perfect in an all white space to add some earthy tones. 
17. Bar Cart  I'm currently trying to put together a cute bar cart and I love this one. It would be perfect for an apartment because it creates a separate space and accent in the living room . 
BEDROOM ORGANIZATION IDEAS 18. Under the bed storage Take advantage of the space under your bed!! You can get these under the bed organizers and store all of your clothes that are out of season or extra blankets and pillows.
I tell everyone about these under the bed storage boxes because they seriously utilize space WELL. 
19. Get a storage ottoman for the end of your bed A storage ottoman at the end of your bed is perfect because it will not only make your room look way more put together, but you can throw any crap you don't want laying around in there to keep your space looking clean. 
I would keep all of my extra sheets, blankets, and pillowcases in here! 
20. Keep all of your necklaces organized  Jewelry can be kind of tricky to keep organized so I would definitely recommend a necklace holder like this. It will keep all of your necklaces together. Also, I love the gold accent. 
21. Over-the-door storage mirror Is it just me or did you really want one of these when you were younger? Now that I think about it though, in an apartment with limited space, this is seriously perfect for storing jewelry, beauty products, medicine, etc.. 
22. Get nightstands with drawers for extra storage Something that always irritates me is having my jewelry, books, lip balm, journal, etc. all over my nightstand. Having a nightstand with drawers is a game changer because you can keep everything tucked away in a drawer and keep the top open for some cute decor. 
23. Magic space saving hangers for closet organization Some apartments have the tinesttt closets, so to make that work with your big wardrobe definitely try out these hangers!! Talk about using space efficiently!

This post was all about Apartment Organization Ideas.
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