If you love the dollar store, you’re going to love these Dollar Tree crafts you can make with Mod Podge and other simple supplies.

Did you know that Dollar Tree sells Mod Podge? They do . . . with a ton of other craft supplies like glitter, wood surfaces, glass containers, paint, wreath forms, beads, canvas, washi tape . . . you can see everything they offer here. It’s more extensive than you thought, right? I feel that way every time I go to the dollar store. Where did all these craft supplies come from?

I absolutely love it.

You might think this is sponsored; it’s not. I’m just a huge fan. They recently expanded their Crafter’s Square section and I knew it was time to share some of the crafts we’ve done here on the blog using supplies from Dollar Tree. There are a LOT.
Dollar Tree Craft Supplies
But before we get into that, I wanted to share the supplies that I always get from Dollar Tree. Because I still obviously shop at Michaels, Jo-Ann’s, and other craft stores too. I spread the love, so to speak! I don’t buy everything from the dollar store, and I’m picky about the quality of things that I purchase and use for crafts.

Keep in mind that there are minimums you can purchase online versus if you go into the store. If you have to make a long trip to get to a Dollar Tree, I’d call to see what your store has on hand. There’s nothing more disappointing than making a trip simply to find out what you want is gone!

Here’s what I like to pick up from DT in terms of supplies. If you’re already familiar with what they sell, scroll down to get the ideas. Otherwise, here are my favorites:
Wood Crafts Birdhouses Craftwood cubes Rectangle wood craft with handles Craft dowels Craft Containers & Surfaces Paper mache boxes Glass jars/mason jars Brush caddy Glass vases Candles Wreath and Floral Supplies Metal wreath forms Green foam floral rings Floral wire Floral tape Painting Supplies Brushes for kids Canvases Palettes Applicator bottles Foam brushes Sanding sponge Glues & Adhesives Mod Podge! Aleene’s Tacky Glue Elmer’s School Glue Krazy Glue Scotch Tape Glue sticks Pop Dots Hot glue sticks
I also get tissue paper and holiday surfaces!

Are you ready to check out all the dollar store crafts using inexpensive supplies? You’re not going to believe what you can make . . . read on!
Dollar Tree Crafts
Grab supplies from the Dollar Tree, a bottle of Mod Podge, and some other craft supplies to make these genius projects! All of them inexpensive and easy to make.
Paper Wrapped Dollar Store Candles
Pillar candles (also called prayer candles) are always available at my local Dollar Tree! This is a perfect way to make them pretty with paint and Mod Podge.
Get the Tutorial Decoupage Soap
Learn how to decoupage on dollar store soap using this unique tutorial! Such a simple project, anyone can do it. The design doesn't come off with washing.
Get the Tutorial Paper Beads
Learn how to make paper beads the easy way, with Mod Podge! Great for jewelry making.
Get the Tutorial DIY Magnets
Make cute magnets using this simple tutorial! You can often find these flat marbles in the floral section of Dollar Tree. This was one of my first dollar store crafts!
Get the Tutorial Painted Basket in Three Easy Steps Photo Credit: Vanessa Brady
This Kilim-Inspired painted basket tutorial is an easy way to try out a fun new color palette quickly and inexpensively. It’s so simple to make!
Get the Tutorial DIY iPad Case Made for a Dollar
This DIY iPad case started as a $1 find from the dollar store! I then decoupaged a leftover fabric scrap to the outside, turning it into a custom case.
Get the Tutorial Decorate Dollar Store Plates with Confetti
Use various colors of tissue paper and Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge to decorate dollar store plates. This DIY is perfect for parties!
Get the Tutorial DIY Marbled Mugs with Nail Polish Photo Credit: Pretty Life Girls
Did you know you can make cool marbled mugs with nail polish? It’s easy and you can have gorgeous gifts in minutes. These nail polish mugs cost LESS than a dollar each! It turns out that Dollar Tree mugs are perfect for this idea.
Get the Tutorial Packing Tape Transfer Photo Credit: Amy Anderson
Grab some packing tape and magazines from the dollar store and make some cool transfers - that you can use in a variety of projects.
Get the Tutorial Dollar Store Night Light Makeover
This DIY night light revamp uses a dollar store find along with Mod Podge and tissue paper! Such a fun home decor makeover for a small price.
Get the Tutorial Colorful Geometric Frame Using Tissue Paper
This tissue paper frame is perfect for whipping up quickly and adding color to your home. So easy, even a child can do it!
Get the Tutorial DIY Phone Case with Glitter
If you want to decorate a phone case with glitter, I'll show you how in a few easy steps! This project is perfect for beginning crafters.
Get the Tutorial DIY Spin Art Machine Photo Credit: Cheryl Sorce
Make your own spin painter by using a salad spinner as a spin painter! Grab some paint and paper plates – it’s budget friendly and easy to set up. Kids love this idea.
Get the Tutorial Dollar Tree Wall Art Made on a Budget
Take a “special” piece of artwork from Dollar Tree and turn it into dollar store wall art! No one will ever know this DIY wall decor was nearly free to make.
Get the Tutorial Make Glue Art on Canvas Photo Credit: Pretty Life Girls
This is the easiest glue art project you’ll ever make – all you need is a canvas and your favorite paint color. Customize with any saying you like.
Get the Tutorial Easy American Flag Lanterns
Grab some glass jars from Dollar Tree as well as some $1 flags during summer. You can make these and keep them out at various times during the year.
Get the Tutorial Glitter Lined Envelopes for a Sparkly Celebration
These DIY glitter lined envelopes are easy to make and add a surprise pop of color when the envelope is opened! Perfect for party invitations. Use regular envelopes with either Mod Podge and glitter or glitter glue from Dollar Tree.
Get the Tutorial DIY Screen Printing with Mod Podge
DIY screen printing doesn’t have to be expensive! Do it with Mod Podge – you won’t believe how easy it is and how good it looks. Use a sheer from Dollar Tree.
Get the Tutorial Button Wall Decor
This button art is really easy to make! Great for using up leftover buttons, or for when you want a funky piece of wall art. I created it using a dollar store frame.
Get the Tutorial Summer Wreath with Split Peas
This simple wreath takes only four steps to make! Get your wreath form at Dollar Tree, then check out the grocery section for the split peas.
Get the Tutorial Faux Ceramic Glaze on a Painted Planter
Use Mod Podge and acrylic paint to create a unique DIY planter with a faux ceramic glaze. It looks like beautiful, hand painted ceramic when done!
Get the Tutorial Make a Confetti Bowl
Learn to make a super cool confetti bowl in three easy steps! You don’t need any crafting skills for this, and the results are SO fun. Grab your confetti from the party section of the dollar store.
Get the Tutorial Easy Yarn Art You Can Make in An Hour Photo Credit: Jacy Pulford
If you are looking for a fun project to do while sitting on the sofa, this yarn art is it. Make yarn wall art out of any word using cardboard and simple wrapping!
Get the Tutorial Make a Necklace with a Seed Packet
You can make your own necklace with a dollar store seed packet and some other craft store supplies! This is such an easy jewelry project.
Get the Tutorial DIY Paperweights from Glass Candle Holders
Create gorgeous, customizable DIY paperweights from dollar store glass candle holders with no mold. This easy project makes a great gift idea, and you can personalize!
Get the Tutorial DIY Spring Sign with Dollar Store Supplies
Makeover a $1 spring sign using supplies from your stash and Mod Podge. I bought the buttons and wooden letters from Dollar Tree too.
Get the Tutorial Photo Magnets
Learn how to make DIY picture magnets using photos you'll print yourself! This is an easy and inexpensive gift to make.
Get the Tutorial Pool Noodle Flower Wreath Photo Credit: Jennifer Neri
Learn to make a pool noodle flower wreath using felt and a modern theme. Grab several pool noodles from Dollar Tree during summer so you can make these all year 'round.
Get the Tutorial Birdhouse Key Holder Photo Credit: Vanessa Brady
Make this super easy birdhouse key holder that is not only functional but cute too! Add your favorite saying to the front like “home sweet home.”
Get the Tutorial Easy Wooden Spoon Makeover
Use Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge for this unique wooden spoon makeover – these are so colorful and make great gifts!
Get the Tutorial Dollar Tree Candles with Napkins
Makeover candles with just a few materials from the dollar store! These decoupage candles can be customized for any occasion
Get the Tutorial Decorate a Dollar Store Glass Vase in Minutes
Learn how to decorate a glass vase – it makes a great gift and is easy to make with Mod Podge and dollar store craft supplies! You can also use for parties and weddings.
Get the Tutorial How to Mod Podge a Dollar Store Mirror
If you are looking for a really fun Dollar Tree craft, this DIY diva mirror is just the ticket. I revamped it with pretty paper, paint, and Mod Podge.
Get the Tutorial DIY Candy Dish from Dollar Tree
Are you lacking in patriotic crafts? This DIY candy dish is perfect – cover a dollar store find with tissue paper and Mod Podge.
Get the Tutorial DIY Cake Stand with Dollar Store Supplies
I created this DIY cake stand using a plate from the dollar store and an old candlestick. This is the perfect budget craft idea for a party!
Get the Tutorial DIY Napkin Rings Using Dollar Store Supplies
You won't believe that this napkin ring was made using a water balloon kit from Dollar Tree! You can make a bunch of them - perfect for any sort of celebration.
Get the Tutorial DIY Travel Mug
Learn how to make a DIY travel mug using a Dollar Tree find, scrapbook paper, and Mod Podge Dishwasher Safe.
Get the Tutorial Fabric Covered Bins from Dollar Tree
Gussy up some Dollar Tree organizer bins with Mod Podge in this easy dollar store craft! This project is great for using up small pieces of fabric.
Get the Tutorial Easy DIY Pencil Holders for Kids
Make DIY pencil holders for kids using supplies from Dollar Tree! Anyone can do this project in three easy steps. Learn how here!
Get the Tutorial Mod Podge Plates
Grab glassware from the dollar store and some fabric to make these Mod Podge plates! So unique and guests will love them.
Get the Tutorial DIY Tribal Painted Baskets for Home Decor Photo Credit: Megan Kapple
You can find baskets almost anywhere, but they have them at Dollar Tree during spring! These DIY tribal painted baskets add a nice touch to your home decor.
Get the Tutorial Dollar Store Coasters Get a Makeover
Dollar Tree coasters get a neat makeover with some graphics and Mod Podge. Download the free printable labels and try this cool craft!
Get the Tutorial Colored Mason Jars
Learn how to tint mason jars with Mod Podge and food coloring (check the grocery section)! It's very simple, and you can customize with any colors you like. Perfect for parties or gifts.
Get the Tutorial Glitter Mug
Learn how to make DIY glitter mugs with Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge! I show you how to decorate the handle, but you can do any part of the mug.
Get the Tutorial DIY Chip Clips from Clothespins
Learn how to turn clothespins into chip clips! This DIY project is SO easy that even a kid can do it. Budget friendly and customizable.
Get the Tutorial DIY Onesies Made with Fabric Mod Podge
These onesies are being reused, but you can buy onesies at the dollar store - then revamp them with some Mod Podge! Cute for gifts.
Get the Tutorial DIY Mouse Pad with Scrapbook Paper
You won’t believe how easy it is to make your own mouse pad! A DIY mouse pad is such a budget friendly project, and you can customize it any way you like with your favorite scrapbook paper.
Get the Tutorial Planner Clips Made with Mod Melts
Are you a self-proclaimed “planner geek?” Make your own DIY planner clips using Mod Melts and Molds. These are so cute and SO easy to do!!
Get the Tutorial These DIY Sandals Are Inexpensive to Make
You can make over a pair of Dollar Tree sandals using this tutorial. All you need is fabric and some Mod Podge - and maybe a few embellishments.
Get the Tutorial DIY Pencil Case Covered in Fabric
Want to make a DIY pencil case? Grab a dollar store surface and some fabric Mod Podge and get to work – these could be used for so many things!
Get the Tutorial
What do you think of all these craft ideas? I’d love to know in the comments!

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