How Do You Display Your Jewelry?

I made my first jewelry holder back in 2011 and ever since then, I have displayed my jewelry on our bedroom wall.
My ideas, wants, decor and jewelry has changed a bit since back then.... (which is probably a good thing!)

In 2014 I made another jewelry holder, which was the perfect size and looks great on the wall. I still use it today. However, I have always kept my bracelets in my jewelry box tucked away in my closet. 
I love wearing bracelets, but since they weren't out where I could see them or easily accessible, most days I never wore them...
Well, alot has happened in the years since then... we have minimized our life style, getting rid of a bedroom dresser, mirror, and cairo cabinet, and cleaned out our bedroom closets.... oh, and a new chair and fresh coat of paint made it look like a completely different room. Except, the crazy little jewelry box was still sitting in my closet, driving me crazy, most of the bracelets unworn.
So, I decided to finally time to do something about it....

With the help of a dowel rod, and 2 hooks, my bracelets are now on display front and center, where I see them every morning as I'm getting dressed.
I probably ought to paint the dowel rod (and probably will sometime), but for now, I'm just happy to have it easily accessible and on display...
..... and I could finally get rid of that jewelry box that has hid out in my closet for the last 14+ years!

I love having my jewelry on display where I can see and use it daily.... And yes, I'm still trying to minimize my clothing, shoes and jewelry.
Do you display your jewelry or do you keep it tucked away, out of sight? 
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