Hot glue gun crafts are surprisingly easy to make – and anyone can master this simple tool! Learn how to make over 40 cool ideas here.

If there’s one craft tool most of us have in our arsenal, it’s a hot glue gun. Love it or hate it (those dang burns!), it’s really a useful device. I have like 200 glue guns . . . okay, that’s an exaggeration. I have about ten though. And I love using them to make “stuff.”

You might be shocked to know that you can make a lot of crafts with a glue gun as your main tool. I’m excited to share a big list of those with you today.
Hot Glue Crafts
If you love wielding a glue gun (who doesn’t?) I’d like to share some glue gun crafts I think you’re going to love. All of these crafts use a hot glue gun of course, and most of them don’t require many more tools. Before we dive into the list, I’d like to share some tips with you. If you’re ready to roll, skip past this section and down to the list. Otherwise, I hope these help.
Tips for Using a Hot Glue Gun
A glue gun uses hot melt adhesive, also known as glue sticks, which are glue in solid form (learn more here). The gun melts the sticks and it is applied as a liquid. After it’s applied, the glue bonds as it becomes solid. Hot glue has a more permanent bond than a lot of other types of adhesives you could use when crafting. Here are my tips.
Let your glue gun warm up before using, about 10 – 15 minutes. I warm mine up on a silicone mat so that any drips won’t be on my table top. The glue gun will be hot to the touch. Keep your glue gun upright when not in use to keep it from making a mess everywhere. Either use a stand or prop it up on the built in stand. This will keep it from burning surfaces as well. Want to know what helps glue sticks from stringing as much? Keeping them in the freezer before using! Take them out and put them right into your glue gun (tip from Mod Podge Rocks). If you make a mistake, don’t try to correct it while the glue is hot. You’ll burn yourself. It’s better to let the glue cool and then try to remove it. Usually you can peel it or scrape it away while it’s warm but not hot. Clean surfaces like glass before using glue. Clean with rubbing alcohol or mild soap and water. If you’re having trouble bonding items, lightly sand to rough up the surface. Use a lower temperature when working with delicate materials, like lace or nylon, to prevent melting or burning. My Burn Prevention Secret
In addition to the tips above, I also wanted to share a little secret with you. Because I think we all know that hot glue gun burns are a real issue. May I present hot glue finger caps:

If you’ve never tried these little silicone covers before, I can’t recommend them enough. They are heat resistant up to 600 degrees, and they protect your fingers from getting scorched while using a glue gun. You can also press into the hot glue while it’s still cooling. Seriously . . . get a pair. Get five. You’re going to love these!
Best Glue Gun for Crafts
There are a lot out there, so I wanted to share my glue gun picks with you so you would have an idea of what to choose. You’ll find a variety based on your needs. One of these four should cover you:

1. Best for Kids – AdTech Ultra Low-Temp Cool Tool. If you’re going to let your kids wield a glue gun, this one doesn’t get as hot as a regular glue gun (75 degrees cooler than average). It’s great for delicate items, so adults can go for this one if that’s all you intend to use it for.

2. Best Dual Temp – Gorilla Dual Temp Mini Hot Glue Gun. This is your all-rounder! If you want low-temp (delicate items) and high temp (regular crafts) in one, this should be your choice. You can change

3. Best Splurge/for DIY – Arrow GT300 Fastener Pro High Temp Glue Gun. I have one of these Arrow glue guns for larger projects and DIY. It heats up quickly, the tip is drip resistant, and the tip is adjustable.

4. Best Budget Buy – Ad-Tech Hi-Temp Hot Glue Gun. I have one of these and love it. Simple, compact, and gets the job done for a small price. If you’re on a budget this will be your go-to – mine has lasted forever.

Are you ready to dive into the projects? Continue reading below!

Grab your hot glue gun and try these stylish glue gun crafts! You won't believe how easy they are - perfect for beginning crafters.
1 Glue Art on Canvas
This glue art on canvas is going to be the most unique - and easiest - wall art you'll ever make! Grab a canvas, hot glue gun, and spray paint. You'll be done in minutes.
Read the Guide 2 How to Make Felt Flowers Photo Credit: Melissa Mora
I can't believe the beautiful flowers you can make with only felt and hot glue - rose, peony, chrysanthemum, dahlia, and ranunculus. Make a pretty bouquet!
Continue Reading 3 Gem Rings Made in Minutes Photo Credit: Holly Wade
Use Mod Melts to create these fabulous and glittery gem rings (they're glue!). Make them for holidays, parties, dressing up . . . they are easy enough for even a kid to do!
Continue Reading 4 Make Cork Trivets in Four Steps
It's so EASY to make DIY trivets with cork and hot glue! This tutorial shows you how to make cork trivets in four easy steps - any design you like.
Continue Reading 5 DIY Colorful Cocktail Stirrers Photo Credit: Holly Wade
Get ready for the holidays or just add to your bar cart decor with these fun and colorful gem DIY cocktail stirrers! So easy to make with glue.
Continue Reading 6 Pool Noodle Flower Wreath
Learn to make a pool noodle flower wreath using felt and a modern theme. Perfect for spring and you can customize it with your fave colors.
Continue Reading 7 Turn Empty Jars into a Butterfly Oasis Photo Credit: Shaunte Woodley
Use glass jars with some natural materials and faux butterflies to create these cool cloche. It's a perfect way to recycle and it's very inexpensive.
Continue Reading 8 DIY Pin Cushion Made from Wine Corks
This DIY pin cushion trendy and inexpensive to make - in this tutorial, Amy shows you how to create this simple craft using wine corks and a hot glue gun.
Continue Reading 9 DIY Scrapbook Embellishments on a Dime Photo Credit: Natalie Wright
Learn how to make scrapbook embellishments with Mod Melts and Molds! Perfect for capturing your memories on a pretty page.
Continue Reading 10 How to Embellish Sandals the Easy Way Photo Credit: Aki Altuna
Learn how to embellish sandals using a unique technique that is REALLY easy! Take a simple pair of shoes from boring to fabulous.
Continue Reading 11 DIY Welcome Sign with Boho Style Photo Credit: Natalie Wright
Learn how to make a "hello" sign using hot glue in the color of your choice! This is a simple sign with such a friendly, welcoming message.
Continue Reading 12 DIY Wall Hanging
If you've always wanted to make a wall hanging with the quote or saying of your choice, this is how it's done! No sewing skills required.
Read the Guide 13 DIY Cork Board Made from Corks
Use your stash of wine corks and hot glue to make your own DIY cork board! This cute craft can be put on the wall, doorknob, or fridge (with magnets).
Continue Reading 14 Mini Planters for Your Tiny Garden
Make these easy mini planters with rope and hot glue - the small size makes them perfect for filling with cacti or succulents to decorate or give to friends!
Continue Reading 15 Heart Wall Art Made with Tiles
Create this unique heart wall art with basic hexagon tiles found at the hardware store. Make any design with your favorite colors. So easy!
Continue Reading 16 DIY Flower Headband
This floral headband is incredibly easy to make! Learn how to make a flower headband with this simple tutorial and basic supplies.
Read the Guide 17 DIY Metallic Gem Hair Accessories
Create your own hair accessories with silicone molds and hot glue! You'll love these rainbow "gems" - you can make a ton of them at once. They make great gifts!
Continue Reading 18 DIY Cord Organizer
Learn how to make a cable wrap using felt and Velcro! This is an easy, no sew project that's simple to make (get a free template).
Read the Guide 19 Hot Glue Embellished Throw Pillow Photo Credit: Amy Bell
This is a fun way to use a hot glue gun and some pretty paint to make personalized pillows. This DIY throw pillow idea is so unique and so easy!
Continue Reading 20 DIY Crystals Made with Glue Sticks Photo Credit: Lisa at Create & Craft
If you love the look of crystals, then you’ll love this easy DIY project where you can make your own – in whatever color you like. PS - you don't even have to melt the glue sticks.
Continue Reading 21 Nursery Letter Art with Felt Balls Photo Credit: J & J Design Group
If you have a wood letter, felt balls, and a hot glue gun - then you're ready to make this cute wall decor! Super cute, easy, and you'll want to make an entire name.
Continue Reading 22 DIY No-Sew Rope Coil Basket Photo Credit: Sara Albers
Sara's a dang genius - she used a galvanized bucket as a template to make this unique rope basket that you don't have to sew. Because all you need is a hot glue gun! I love the finished product.
Continue Reading 23 Snowflake Cake Topper Using Hot Glue
Make hot glue snowflakes and use them as a fabulous DIY cake topper! This craft is perfect for winter, Christmas, or New Year's Eve.
Continue Reading 24 How to Make Felt Play Food Photo Credit: Lindsay Viker
Put your little chef to work without the messy cleanup! Felt play food is not just fun - it’s soft to the touch and stimulates both motor skills and imagination. No sewing required.
Continue Reading 25 DIY Painted Coral Photo Credit:
If you're looking for some very unique decor that doubles as a conversation piece, try making this hot glue coral! It's way easier than you might think.
Continue Reading 26 Cactus Push Pins Made from Hot Glue Photo Credit: Angie Holden
I can't believe how cute these little cacti are! Once you master this technique you'll be making push pins in all sorts of designs.
Continue Reading 27 Quick and Easy Glue Jewelry Photo Credit: Jen Goode
This quick craft is perfect for making yourself something special or gifts for a friend. In less than 15 minutes you can make a glittery hot glue pendant, earrings, or maybe even a ring.
Continue Reading 28 Textured Colorful Flower Pots Photo Credit:
These centerpieces are both colorful and unique! Not only are they fun, but they can double as favors for party guests. The glue creates the cool texture.
Continue Reading 29 Batik Style T-Shirt Using a Stencil Photo Credit: Chris @ AdTech
Did I ever think about using hot glue as a stencil? It never even occurred to me! This is such a genius idea and I know you probably have some kids (or teens!) that are going to love this.
Continue Reading 30 DIY Candle Lantern From Frames Photo Credit: Kallie Branciforte
Grab some frames from the dollar store and get crafty. All you have to do is turn them into a square of sorts and insert some LED candles. This is super easy to assemble.
Continue Reading 31 Swirly Twirly No-Sew Yarn Coasters Photo Credit: Chris @ AdTech
With a skein of yarn, some felt, and a hot glue gun, you can make the coolest coasters! It's easy to do in any color(s) you like.
Continue Reading 32 Make a Pencil Holder with Glue Photo Credit: Angie Holden
With hot glue, you can make freestanding items like a pencil holder! Then paint it in any color you like. Such a fun and simple idea that looks unique.
Continue Reading 33 Driftwood Orb Tutorial Photo Credit:
People pay big bucks for driftwood art like this from furniture stores! All you need is a beach ball and hot glue gun to make your own.
Continue Reading 34 Make a Leather Headband Photo Credit:
Use braided leather to make this cool boho style leather headband! I love how easy this is to make and how stylish it is.
Continue Reading 35 Texture Roller or Stamper Photo Credit:
You'll want to grab a rolling pin from the dollar store for this cool craft. Just add hot glue and then let it cool - perfect for rolling texture in clay or stamping. Fun for kids or adults!
Continue Reading 36 How to Make a Wood Shim Crate Photo Credit:
You don't need any power tools to make this crate! You'll be doing some sawing, but besides that you just need to paint and hot glue to make your rustic storage fantasy come true.
Continue Reading 37 Decorative Chrysanthemum Mirror Photo Credit: Kristi Linauer
Can you really make a mirror that looks like a flower - with spoons? I didn't believe until I saw this. I love the finished results! Grabbing my hot glue gun, stat.
Continue Reading 38 Writing on Chippy Painted Bottles Photo Credit: Amy Ellis
It's hard to believe you can create a cool distressed look with hot glue, but it's definitely part of this project. WIth a little paint and some creativity, these will look great with your decor.
Continue Reading 39 DIY Hot Glue Flair Pins Photo Credit: Amber Kemp-Gerstel
These simple and cute heart pins are perfect for kids and adults alike! The only limitation is the molds you can find to make them. The rest is easy, and you'll get to paint too (I love painting!).
Continue Reading 40 Crate & Barrel Spin Vase Knock Off Photo Credit: Kathy Bates
Crate and Barrel sells a vase just like this one for a lot more than this cost to make! Do it yourself with your glue gun and immediately upgrade your decor.
Continue Reading 41 DIY Harry Potter Wands Photo Credit: Gretchen Holcombe
I love the idea of making wands with chopsticks and hot glue! These are inspired by our favorite, Harry Potter. Who are you going to cast a spell on?
Continue Reading 42 Make Bracelets from Old T-Shirts Photo Credit: Amanda Formaro
Use bangle bracelets and strips of t-shirt material to make this beautiful wearable craft! This tutorial uses glue but you can use a glue gun for the entire project.
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