For some parents, going on vacation together with their children is a nightmare

Vacation is associated with an unmanageable journey in the car, which is usually packed to the limit. Is it possible for a vacation with kids not to end in an organizational disaster? Of course it is! You just need to know a few holiday tricks .

#1 To Prevent Mosquitoes from Biting Your Little One, Put a Sheet with a Rubber Band over the Playpen

imgur#2 Protect Metal Parts of the Trampoline with Pool Noodles

Asho777/reddit#3 When Camping or in the Woods, You Can Make a Sandbox in Your Tent for the Kids

pinterest#4 Put All Necessary Gadgets and Toys in an Organizer and Hang It on a Chair

pinterest#5 Take a Sheet with a Rubber Band to the Beach. It Will Successfully Replace a Blanket or Towel and You Will Avoid Constant Shaking of Sand

pinterest#6 Homemade Travel Toilet Put a Diaper on a Regular Potty. Your Child Will Take Care of His Needs, and You Will Throw the Diaper in the Trash

pinterest#7 Cups (You Can Also Use a Plastic Lid from a Coffee Cup) Is a Good Patent, Which Will Ensure That Melting Ice Will Not Pour on Your Hands

pinterest#8 Make a Mini Pool on the Beach with a Shower Curtain. Simply Line a Hole with It and Pour in the Water

pinterest#9 For All Outings, Dress Your Kids in the Same Color T-Shirts. This Will Make It Easier for You to Locate Your Bunch .

brandi.marie.e/instagram#10 For the Plane, Take Special Stickers That Can Be Attached to the Glass. They Should Keep Your Child Occupied for a Long Time

pinterest#11 Make Sweet or Salty Necklaces Out of Small Snacks

pinterest#12 Put Your Phone or Tablet in a Ziploc Bag. This Will Protect Them from Flooding

pinterest#13 Fill a Sock with Baby Powder. This Gadget Perfectly Removes Sand, Which Clung to the Body

pinterest#14 Put Any Valuables You Have On the Beach in an Empty Wet Wipe Container

pinterest#15 Make a Necklace Out of Ordinary Sponges. Soaked in Water Will Cool Your Body Perfectly

pinterest#16 Put Baby Gadgets and Toys in Containers and Tape Them to Car Windows. Thanks to This the Toddler Will Have Easy Access to Them

pinterest#17 To Avoid Losing Keys in the Sand, Attach Them to a Large Snap Hook

pinterest#18 Pack a Set of Clothes for Each Day in a Separate Garment Bag. This Way You Can Quickly Dress Your Children in the Prepared Outfits on Vacation

pinterest#19 Store All Beach Toys in a Laundry Basket


At the beach, you can make an exploding volcano with your child. First, have your toddler make a volcano out of sand by himself (the bigger, the better). Put a bottle inside and pour in a few tablespoons of water and pour in baking soda. You can also add red food coloring to make the lava a nice color. Then start pouring in the vinegar. At this point, lava will start flowing down the slopes of the sand volcano .

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