21 end-of-year gifts teachers *actually* want

Here's a fact: Being a teacher is NOT an easy job—especially not in the midst of a pandemic. The days are long and the little personalities are strong, and all the while, these kind, patient humans receive our kiddos in the morning and send them back to us later in the day, tired, happy and with their minds buzzing with new learnings.

Which is exactly why we should show them our utmost gratitude as this unconventional year winds down. And because we know these hardworking profs have oh-so-many mugs and artwork from your special humans, we've curated a list of thoughtful gifts that we know they would be completely touched to receive.

Below we give you 21 outside-the-box ideas for the teachers in you and your child's life, ranging from pampering bath bombs to pretty artwork, from personalized tote bags to Starbucks gift cards. You know, items they actually want and will actually use.
Here are 21 end-of-year teacher gifts to consider. Desk organizer

Help your teachers get organized with these streamlined-yet-sleek drawer organizers that will keep their many pencils, erasers and Post-Its in neat order.
Customized stationary

Everyone on the planet appreciates custom stationary and this line from Etsy vendor CurioPress is simple and sweet all at once.
A luxe (and flattering) candle 

While we acknowledge that a candle isn't the most original teacher gift, we can guarantee this will be their favorite one to date. Not only does the message make them feel extra special, but the luxe scents are totally dreamy. (And if your relationship is a little cheekier you could always opt for other messages like Wine O'Clock or the very pandemic-appropriate Wake Me Up When This Is Over.)
Personalized tote

Teachers have to carry SO many binders, books, papers and more to and from their car daily, so give them a fun (and thoughtful!) tote to transport it all.

Whether they opt to hang it in their classroom or their home, this artwork will surely brighten every day for your child's teacher. Painted by Philadelphia artist RedRedOrange, this dreamy piece of artwork depicts lavender fields in France's Provence region.
Bath bombs

Encourage them to fit in a much-needed relaxation session after a long day of trying to tame your kiddos. The handmade CBD and botanically infused bath bombs from Extract Labs are an extra-special treat for mind and muscles.
Bath salts

Back to bath time! If they're more of a bath salts and less of a fizzy bath bomb time of person, these calming salts from Herbivore are the only way to go.
The coffee delivery

The only people on the planet who might need a daily dose of coffee more than moms is teachers! Sign them up for a one-time or subscription delivery of Brooklyn's finest, most delicious brew.
Silly (and philantropic!) socks

Everyone can use a pair of cozy socks! Not only will these keep their feet warm—they'll also warm their heart knowing that each sale donates $1 to Room to Read, a non-profit that provides books and literacy programs to children in need.
Potted plant

Beautify their desk with a living thing that their students will surely take interest in, too. The Sill has many options on its site, and they start at just five bucks.
Silly tape dispenser

Their students will get a kick out of this desk accessory and the teachers will love staring at the fun take on a traditionally boring item!
Spa gift card

Contribute to their next manicure, pedicure, facial or massage by giving your teacher a Spafinder gift card (starting at $5).
Desk pad

School desks aren't known for being beautiful, which is why teachers always appreciate pretty things to put on top of them. This Rifle Paper Co. desk pad will brighten up their day.
Portable charger

Really, all humans should have a portable phone charger to have handy when their battery is less than 5-percent, and this one from Anker is not only tiny (it's the size of a lipstick!), but also powerful—it adds 14 hours of talk time to your phone with one charge.
The zipper pouch

Remind them of them just how appreciative you are with this pretty pouch that's perfect for holding everything from pencils to makeup.
Specialized fitness classes

Know your kiddos' teacher is a fitness nut? Then they'll totally love getting access to Classpass' lineup of yoga, pilates, spinning, kickboxing, meditation and more.
Dinner delivery

Cooking dinner is so taxing. Take the guess work (and a trip to the grocery store) out of the equation for your prof by giving them a gift card to meal delivery company Sun Basket, which has myriad plan options for those with dietary restrictions. Gift cards start at $10.

Everyone deserves a pretty journal and we love this one because from the Emily McDowell and Lisa Congdon collab because it's also super motivational.
Starbucks gift cards

Here's a fact: You can never go wrong with a Starbucks gift card. Given that they're pretty much on every street corner in America, we're confident your teacher will find a time to use it. This four-pack means you can also dole out thank-yous to crossing guards and the school librarian, too. Buy a bundle to save!
Note cube

Give them ample paper to jot down hallway passes for their students.
Amazon gift card

Whether their loading up on personal items or school supplies, your teachers will certainly be happy to receive a donation to their Amazon spending. Better yet, pick any price!

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