10 Insanely Easy Bathroom Storage Ideas

Our primary bathroom is tiny. Since our house was built in the 1950’s, the primary bathroom was added on at some point over the years. Which is why it is so tiny. So I have had to get creative with bathroom ideas with storage for that space. I have tested out countless methods, products, and ways to keep order in the bathroom. I have tested these ways out with in-home clients, shared in my online programs, and even had family try them out. So I am sharing 10 insanely easy bathroom storage ideas, whether you have ample space or minimal. Pick a few tips to try in your bathroom!

Idea #1

Before you begin any bathroom organizing project, you have to declutter! In the video above, I walk you through how to declutter a bathroom so you can have ample storage space!

under sink expandable shelves with turntable and drawer organizers to keep things tidy

Idea #2

When it comes to bathroom storage ideas, you are going to need under sink storage. But how can you get that space tidy? By using expandable shelf organizers! 

I have more tips for how you can do that in this post.

Idea #3

It is no secret that I love using drawer liners to keep things in place my cabinets and drawers. And it is no secret that I find ways to decorate with shelf liners as well. But did you know that shelf liners can actually protect your cabinets? Seriously!! Shelf liners have many purposes, and protecting under bathroom sinks is probably the main reason I use them so much around my home and my clients’ homes. Which is why lining your shelves and drawers with shelf liner like Clorox brand Easy Liner, you are going to keep things tidy in your bathroom! You can read more tips here on how to line bathrooms.

kids bathroom vanity drawer organizer with hairbrushes and wash rags

Idea #4

When it comes to beauty products, there are many different ways to store them. You can use drawer organizers to keep your beauty products tidy in your drawers. Group the items together in the drawer organizers. I love using the new drawer organizers from the Onyx collection, exclusively at Ulta Beauty! These organizers come together in a pack of 3. But they are 3 different sizes so you can really get those different sized beauty items organized in your drawers.

Idea #5

You can also store beauty items in turntables. The turntable from Ulta Beauty is perfect for all your beauty products. There are dividers inside the turntable, making it easy to store items inside cabinets. I have more tips for how to use the turntable for bathroom storage ideas here.

Idea #6

The MadeSmart Turn It Organizer from The Container Store is my favorite bathroom storage for your hair dryer, brushes, and curling irons! I use it in my bathroom along with all my clients!

turntable with bathroom supplies include hair sprays and hair dryer #bathroomorganization

Idea #7

When you are limited on drawer space in your bathroom, you are going to need products to create storage without taking up much space! Which is why I love using products with drawers to help you keep things organized, like make-up or beauty products. You can read more tips on how to do that here.

Idea #8

The back of the bathroom door makes for great storage in small bathrooms! Attach hooks or bars to hold towels if you are limited on wall space. I love these basket and towel holders to help with towel storage.

using tray to organize bathroom

Idea #9

I love using trays on top of the counters. It is a rather easy fix to keep your counters looking tidy, while still keeping all the necessities out!

Figure out what products you need out and which can be stored in a drawer. Then find a tray that fits both the space and size of the products you need out. This way you are only buying something that is the perfect size for your space!

stackable pantry bins with hair products to organize under bathroom sink

Idea #10

Sometimes the easiest way to organize is with smaller bins. Try using stackable bins to keep your stuff organized either out on the counter or under the sink like these.

modern farmhouse bathroom reveal

These bathroom ideas with storage are sure to help you get things organized. Pick the ideas that will work for you in your bathroom. Test out and see how it works, then tweak what you need so that you are sure to have ample organization in your bathroom!

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