10 Adorable Pincushions to Sew - Fast & Easy Free Tutorial


My easy peasy pincushions with pom-poms are so fun, and lightning fast! Make a basket full in no time with this easy tutorial.

Make a quilty patchwork pincushion to adorn your sewing table!

This fabulous pincushion has a magnet to help keep track of your pins!

Every sewist should have one of these handy dandy pincushion and thread catcher combos, they save so much time!

This pretty pincushion reminds me of a big beautiful flower blossom…just the right decor for my sewing room!

Make these irresistible little chicken pincushions with a quick little tutorial from Kim…come see!

I love mason jars…they are so useful for so many things! Here’s a quick and easy tutorial to help you make a cute pincushion you will use everyday.

These citrus pincushions look yummy enough to eat! Came make a set for your sewing space.

Treat yourself to this handy pincushion organizer to keep your sewing space clear and ready to use!

If you are not in the mood for sewing or you just want to try a new craft with Fimo clay… try making a Magnetic Pin Bowl!

However you use your new pincushion or pin bowl… happy sewing!